Google Search: “Can you get COVID-19 twice.?” The answers to my search query were an absolute “YES.” I also know for a fact that you can because I have had COVID-19 twice. In less than 7 months, this disease has had its way with my body. The first time was not so bad. The second time was very different. It hit me harder. I am now on the mend, but I am afraid of getting it again. It also got my wife and my son this time. This time it was personal.


I woke up last Thursday and I looked…

MacOS on AWS

Sounds incredible right? My first thought was: I am never buying another Mac, I will get a chromebook and off I go. Not so fast.

The actual cost is about a dollar per hour. But you have to buy 24 hours up front. After your 24 hour period expires you start burning money by the second. Sounds like a dream right. Well not so fast.

Hey, Business person who thinks they can save a ton of coin you are out of luck. Go to the store.


Take a look at the EULA or…

Every morning as I begin my day at work, I think to myself “How can I be a JERK at WORK!” How can I talk over others? How can I talk about ME? How can I make sure that even if I have nothing to say, I AM GONNA SAY SOMETHING! Listen? hell no. You know, that the only person that matters is ME. I am selfish, I AM A JERK AT WORK. I really do not act that way and neither should you. Below are 5 things you should avoid doing. Have fun!

Number 1: Stop talking about your…

I have struggled with weight almost all of my life. I guess this makes me an expert at being obese. It hurts. Nothing worse than not fitting in your clothing or being uncomfortable to take a picture. I totally get it. I also have tried everything to lose weight. This diet and that diet. I have worked out like an olympic athlete. The truth is none of it worked. So what does work? The rest of this article will detail how I have kept my weight down since 2006. I hope it works for you too. It is all free…

I am sure all of you have heard about the Google / Looker merger last week and then, of course, the Tableau / Salesforce merger right on its heels. I love the Google / Looker merger! Pure genius. All BI is a commodity! They all do the same thing: build pictures of data. Google got a good enough BI tool and there is all upside. They will add it to their collection and market the daylights out of it. Salesforce, on the other hand, bought a giant in the BI space and will have some heavy hills to climb. …

Salesforce is a cloud CRM powerhouse with strong customer and employee commitment. They have no legacy baggage like other big CRM competitors like Microsoft and Oracle. Just last week some massive mergers took place in the BI community with Looker being bought by Google and of course Tableau and Salesforce just following. The merger of Looker and Google makes big sense but the merger between Salesforce and Tableau has me asking a lot of questions. Tableau and Salesforce are both great organizations but sometimes 1 + 1 does not always equal 3 or 2! It will be interesting to see…

This is a true story from a couple of years ago…

Unfortunately our family dog Lucy passed away yesterday. It was a very sad day. My wife posted on another social media channel of our loss. I, of course, responded to her post with words of great sadness and loss for our four-legged child. We will miss her tremendously and loved her with all of our hearts.

So later that evening I went back on that social media service to just check things out and up comes the following ad offering me dog treats and toys:

‘GOD #### IT, you stupid F##KING people. We are so “F##KED.” WE HAVE TO GET IT TOGETHER NOW, OR HEADS ARE GONNA ROLL.” — stop it. This does not work.

NOTE: This is not a reflection of people I have worked with for the past 10 years. But the quote above did happen.

AWS GLUE: Crawler, Catalog, and ETL Tool

Glue is a sticky wet substance that binds things together when it dries. It is also the name for a new serverless offering from Amazon called AWS Glue. Cool Marketing for sure!

So what is AWS Glue?

Glue can go out and crawl for data assets contained in your AWS environment and store that information in a catalog. You may have often heard the word metadata, well that is exactly the kind of data that Glue discovers and stores. Metadata is simply ‘data about data.’ Or a description of your data assets. For instance if I have a file in…

AWS Athena

AWS Athena is a query service that enables users to analyze data resident in Amazon’s popular Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and other AWS services. At first blush the process of using Athena is very simple. You select the data set in S3 where your data is located. You then create a table. You have a couple of options. You can use the built-in Table Creation Wizard, or you can write your own data definition language (DDL) using the Hive dialect. Finally, you run your ANSI SQL query.

Other nice features with respect to Athena include:

Integration with…

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Data Nerd! Walking the Data wire for 30 years. If you are serious about data and analytics then I might be interesting to you!

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